5 Best Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Small Business in 2020
By Laura McElroy

A website can provide customers and potential customers with vital information, as well as potentially enabling them to book your services or buy your goods online.

A good-looking website that is user-friendly is not enough to get your site ranking at the top of the search engine results page. To rank at the top of search engine results, it is important to employ the correct SEO.

If your business only operates in a particular area, local SEO is more important than general SEO. Here are 5 of the best local SEO tips to grow your small business:

Use appropriate keywords

Start by doing a keyword search for your business or product. By seeing what results appear in this search, you will better be able to choose appropriate SEO keywords for your website. Using high ranking keywords for your location will result in your site appearing higher up in the search results.

Furthermore, when choosing keywords, it is important to embed location information. When users search for your product or service, the search engine will determine if the search has local intent. If there is local intent, your business can appear in the results if your SEO keywords contain the correct location information.

Use a large number of images

Consumers are attracted to visual stimulation. Using a large variety of appropriate images in your website and Google Business listing results in a larger number of page interactions, which results in higher rankings.

When you work with Kansas City web design, the designers will ensure that your page not only contains a sufficient amount of images, but that the images are relevant and rendered for mobile and PC use. 

Users who can easily scroll through the business images on a mobile device are more likely to interact with your page, helping your rankings improve with every interaction.

Create virtual tours

Video marketing is a popular content creation tool these days. Users are more likely to spend time on your page or viewing your search results if there is a relevant video to watch. Employing the use of video in an appropriate way could be as simple as providing virtual tours.

Rather than just posting images of your business or product, hire videographers to make a video tour of your business or product. Through this tour, consumers can feel like they are already part of your business experience. If the tour is interesting enough, they will spend more time on your page and this will result in higher rankings on the search engine results page.

Be informative

SEO professionals for the best Kansas City SEO company say that high rankings in search results are dependent on where your keywords are placed. Your website’s “About” section is where the most relevant and most important keywords need to be placed. Placing keywords near to one another means it is more likely for many variations of the same search terms to render your page as a top result.

Adjust the “About” section on your Google Business page to allow a similar outcome in the search engine results. It is important to keep your location and business tags near enough to one another so that the results on the search engine are accurate.

Focus on your My Business account

Google My Business is useful if your business makes use of a local business listing website. Correctly using this tool can help you target your consumers more directly and ensure traffic is directed to your website.

Optimizing your ‘My Business’ account will ensure that consumers can find you in the right location and with the right information relating to your business and the goods or services you offer. It is also important that you provide services of a high standard so that consumers can review your business and increase its rank.


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