5 Effective Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
By Laura McElroy

As a small business, you may be looking for ways to target potential customers in your town or region. The initial reason customers will support your business, maybe because it is close to where they live but they will stay loyal to you if you offer them what they want and give them excellent service. 

Local marketing can help you build credibility, develop a positive reputation and foster customer loyalty. Here are some effective local marketing ideas for you to consider. 

  1. Focus on local SEO

Local search marketing refers to the techniques used to enable searchers to find your business when they’re looking for a local business in the search results, on local pages and online maps. 

You need to begin targeting keywords and phrases specific to your local business if you want to get web traffic. For example, a Kansas City roofer would have to focus on keywords related to roofers and Kansas City to draw in customers from that area. 

If you’re not sure how to improve your search engine visibility, you should hire a local search professional, as this is a specialty area of SEO. For example, Roofer SEO companies are highly specialized in local market lead strategies for roofing contractors. 

  1. Maximize your local business listings

Google My Business is a must-have if you want to promote your local business. You need to claim your business page and update the contact information listed there. The listing should include your business hours and any other relevant details. 

You can post any updates (an advantage in Covid-19 times). Google business accounts rank above other sites in local SEO so they are easier for local customers to find. Add photos, post content like special offers, and respond to customer reviews. 

Yelp is a popular website where people can access customer reviews. See if your business is already listed there. If it is, don’t wait too long to claim it or others could give inaccurate information. Other local business listings you can use are Bing Places and Apple Maps.

  1. Place location-based ads 

On Facebook, you can target users based on a geographic location. Facebook ads can ingrain in the minds of customers that you are the business to use in a specific area. 

The ultimate goal for such a campaign is that, over time, when someone asks a friend for a recommendation for what you offer, it’s your company name that comes to mind. By constantly having such an ad running, you will greatly increase your chances of word-of-mouth promotion. 

Setting up location targeting in AdWords can achieve the same effect as your ads appear in the geographic locations you choose. 

  1. Sponsor local events

Local organizations may organize and run events in the town where your business is located. They are often looking for businesses to support them, either by helping them to organize an event or to donate money in exchange for being mentioned on a website and in a program. Both of these options are a good way to bring your business to the attention of local patrons. 

  1. Team up with another local business

You may be able to double your reach with cross-promotion if you team up with another local business. It doesn’t have to be complicated – you can simply ask them to display your business cards or flyers while you do the same for them. You can think about creating a deal that rewards customers for purchases at both locations, such as buying from a company and getting a 25% discount at the other. 



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