5 Main Advantages That EBooks Have Over Paperbacks
By Laura McElroy

Debate continues as to whether ebooks really are better than paperbacks. Book lovers will argue that they love the feel of paper in their hands as they page through fiction or non-fiction books. 

Ebook fanatics will tell you how they love the convenience of this format, and how useful it is to be able to read books in a digital format. It boils down to personal preferences, but ebooks do have definite advantages over paperbacks. Here are five benefits to expect from ebooks.

Instant access

eBooks are instantly accessible, whereas you have to wait for paperback deliveries or go to the store to purchase a book. eBooks are immediately available online, and can easily be carried around with you. It’s also easier for customers to request on demand reviews of an ebook from Nifty Nev for the same reason. 

They won’t need to wait to receive an honest review from the company to help them decide whether a book is a good purchase. Getting an ebook review from knowitallnev.com is quick, helping customers to make decisions between which online ebook purchases to make.

No costs for late returns

Other than ebooks being easily portable, you also won’t be penalized with fees if you return the book later, as happens with paperbacks and libraries. The upside is that libraries are now also getting in on the act of loaning out ebooks at a price. Late returns on ebook loans from libraries don’t exist. 

Technology takes care of the right to read the book by simply expiring the license. If you want to continue reading the ebook, you will need to load it again. Also, eReaders have their own dictionaries to help learn new vocabulary as you go along. This benefit does away with the need to carry 2 paperbacks if you prefer the ebook technological route.

Tailor font sizes and styles to suit you

Ebook print format allows readers to customize fonts and styles for ease of reading. Nowhere do paperbacks ever have this advantage, unless the rare edition with large print has been printed due to exceptional demand. Ebooks don’t have this problem. People with eyesight problems can adjust fonts as needed. 

Technology has a superior advantage in ebooks to increase readability, whereas paperbacks lag in this type of benefit. Typically, the default style of ebook fonts can also be changed to make readability more convenient.

Indie titles are easily available in ebook format

Works of budding authors are typically not accepted by the big traditional publishing houses. Many authors are forced to self-publish because of this, leading to a massive number of fiction and non-fiction books being produced in ebook format. 

Readers of paperbacks, therefore, miss out on a countless number of wonderful fiction and non-fiction ebooks. Typically, ebooks are cheaper than paperbacks, allowing book fanatics to indulge their reading passion far more readily. 

Also, many ebooks come in short stories, which provide more reading material than possible with paperbacks due to expensive printing costs.

You don’t need a torch to read at night

Many kids used to read late into the night, using torches under blanket covers to avoid being caught out by parents. You don’t need a torch to read an ebook. eReaders produce loads of light, allowing readers to enjoy their stories at night in the dark, when there are power outages or when they don’t want to disturb partners. 

Unless you plan to read a paperback by candlelight during blackouts, you cannot enjoy this benefit with print books. Also, if you want to read a print book version in bed, you will need to keep the light on and risk disturbing your partner if you have one.


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