5 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Is Vital in Schools
By Laura McElroy

Air conditioning in schools may seem a luxury, but it really depends on your perspective. If you have to set in classrooms trying to focus on learning when the heat is extreme, you’ll probably also vote for air conditioning in schools. 

Students derive many more advantages from a school with air conditioning than without. Essentially, the entire education system benefits from these installations because grades improve. Country leaders are produced who are much more efficient simply because they were able to learn effectively.

Decline in performance

Students who have to sit in hot classrooms are going to experience concentration problems. This is simply a fact of life, which not everyone wants to admit. Just because you got through school without air conditioning in the good old days, doesn’t mean it was beneficial for you.

Too many student grades are suffering due to a lack of air conditioning in schools. Add to this the fact that many students have to travel for hours to get to school, and their challenges are magnified unnecessarily. When the state budget caters to the one necessity in the area to keep classes at bearable temperatures, everyone wins.

Added comfort

Students in the Houston area are readily able to appreciate relief from the heat that air conditioning brings. The will to rise to the challenge of the day and learn as much as possible, is made that much easier. Schools also don’t need to be worried about regular maintenance because 5 Star AC repair Houston is right on your doorstep.

One phone call and an appointment is set up to get your system installed or up and running. Installation and repair work can also be arranged outside of primary teaching hours to avoid interruptions. That’s how important student health and comfort are, especially as an air conditioning system can prevent black mold growth.

Enhances focus

Everyone knows that if your environment is comfortable, it will improve learning. Students who are taught in classrooms with air conditioning are much more comfortable. Students who are physically comfortable in the classroom are better able to concentrate on the lessons being taught.

Comprehension improves and so does memory retention as listening skills are enhanced when students don’t have to worry about the heat. Instead of stressing about repeating work, students can be confident that their responsibilities won’t double due to an unpleasant environment. Better focus is precisely what air conditioning brings to the classroom.

Better scores

When students can focus better, their grades will obviously improve. Obviously, air conditioning is not the only positive contributing element toward better scores.

The fact remains that a comfortable environment is a wonderful advantage for all students. Focus improves in cooler temperatures, learning is easier and the outcome is that scores get better.

Ask any student if they would prefer to study in a cooler environment, and the answer will be ‘yes.’ Schools should take advantage of this opportunity to get their overall grades up because the future of our country depends on students who achieve good grades.

Teachers teach better

Teachers teach better in air-conditioned classrooms. The reasons are the same as those for students. Teachers are more comfortable in cooler temperatures, less stressed by excessive heat, and able to give better instruction.

Just because teachers are adults, doesn’t mean they are immune to the heat. If anything, they are under enough pressure to perform as it is. Why add a lack of air conditioning to the equation, which simply distracts them from their purpose? Teachers are entitled to teach in comfort and will enjoy their careers more as their performance is enhanced.


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