5 Top Trending Pet Products that Sell Fast Online
By Laura McElroy

As members of the human family, pets equally require several products that make their lives comfortable, just like their pet parents do. When setting an online pet store, you need to know the fastest moving products that will yield quick and better ROI. 

Check with suppliers what these products are and specialize to give your site a niche. Here are five key categories from which to choose fast-moving products for your store. 

Grain-free pet foods

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Select packages that focus on the pet products you sell that may comprise such categories as nutrition, bedding, cleaning, treats, and gadgets for targeted links.

The wholehearted grain-free dog food is a favorite for man’s best friend and contains antioxidants, probiotics, and nutritious ingredients that include real tasty chicken. The cats also get their wellness snack choice with a similar grain-free wet food that has no artificial flavors and preservatives for a fulfilling and healthy meal.

Fleece blankets

Pet blankets are a necessity to help keep your pets off the furniture. Without a designated sleep area and a comfortable blanket, your dog or cat will curl up on your couch or bed. Well, as much as this may appear adorable, it leaves you with the problem of pet dander in the wrong places that you have to deal with.

The demand for suitable pet bedding is high and blankets are moving fast in pet stores, especially as winter approaches. Fleece blankets are in vogue and in high demand for their cozy soft Sherpa lining that provides your pet with plush comfortable bedding.

Pest repellant collars

Good cleaning products are essential for your pets to avoid such serious problems like ticks, fleas, and unsavory odors. Dogs and all other pets need regular cleaning and grooming to minimize or eradicate the threat of pest infestation and to keep the house free of bad odors.  

Hygiene products that can reduce the stress of keeping up with this task are high in demand. For dogs, smart collars that kill and repel ticks and fleas within six hours of wearing and remain effective for eight months are popular. The self-cleaning litter box that sifts out the waste with a simple roll for the cat is equally popular.

Digestible chew treats for pets

Pets, just like their human masters, also like their candy and a good treat keeps them happy and friendly. These treats also help to pacify dogs with extreme chew tendencies and save various items around the house from the dog’s chops besides being a good pastime.

Chew toys that may include rubber bones are a favorite for dogs and top sellers in pet stores. The vet recommended digestible dental chews are very popular too for their teeth cleaning and breath freshening properties. Unlike the rubber variety, the greenies are especially fast movers since they are edible and need replenishing.

Smart feeders

In a busy world, when you have to stay away from home for hours in a day, many things can go wrong for pets left alone in the house. Pet parents are adapting smart gadgets to keep their pets safe and these are finding a fast-moving market.

Smart feeders are especially popular as pet parents simply stack them with food for their furry babies to feed themselves when hungry. To quench their thirst, there is a smart water fountain that is equally moving fast in pet stores.


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