5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction with Phone Calls
By Laura McElroy

Keeping a focus on customer satisfaction can make the difference between a happy customer and one who will move on and support your competition. Customers need to know that you value their business and are there for them when they need you. 

This is why it is so important for your contact center to be staffed by well-trained agents who use modern technology if you want to win long term customer loyalty. Communication by phone isn’t going away anytime soon and customers value knowledgeable staff and efficient service more than ever.

  1. Minimize hold times

Customers today want their complaints to be handled speedily. They don’t want to have to go through a menu of options and then wait for ages in a queue for an agent. Customers rank being kept on hold as one of their top three issues when calling a business. You will only know if you have this problem and be able to address it if you can monitor certain metrics. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can eliminate many of the most frustrating issues for customers. It can reduce the administrative burden on employees and increase their effectiveness. 

Aceyus makes call centers more intelligent and enables companies around the world to streamline their contact center management services by implementing structure, tracking data and improving contact center team performance. 

  1. Train agents properly

Customers phoning a company expect to be helped by knowledgeable staff who can communicate clearly. Training your agents well will help them to feel less stressed when they attend to customers and the customers will sense this. 

Offer agents visual or video-based content that they can consume on their cell phones or computers. If they have training on their desktops, they can access this and utilize it at times when call volume is down. Customized training methods for agents can help to increase competency quickly. 

  1. Give your agents the right tools

Agent attrition is a top challenge in contact centers and this is often due to the work environment rather than the pay. Speaking to an agent is often the last resort for a frustrated customer. It is stressful for agents to deal with difficult situations and offer appropriate solutions. 

Companies have to look at ways to increase agent engagement and using modern technology can help to make the job more fulfilling. With dynamic tools that offer new insights through dashboards and reporting, it is possible to improve user experience and for agents to exceed productivity goals. 

  1. Use chatbots as the first point of interaction

It is short-sighted to use chatbots for complete containment and this can downgrade customer satisfaction. However, using an AI-powered virtual assistant as the first point of interaction has benefits. Using digital channels like chatbots makes it possible to answer some questions and requests quicker and more thoroughly. 

A personalized, human-centric approach is essential but chatbots can help to make sure agents don’t have to waste time dealing with issues that are very easy to resolve. 

Bots must know when to seamlessly hand off to an appropriate agent. They can also offer 24-hour service when a business is closed, including scheduling customer callbacks during business hours if necessary. 

  1. Integrate across systems

Customers want a personalized experience no matter what service channel they use. It is possible to highly personalize interactions with them through insights gained from previous interactions and shared data. 

This means using tools to integrate resources outside of the contact center. For example, no matter where sales reps take customer calls, they should be able to enter information when the call ends. 


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