6 Main Types of Cremation Urns
By Laura McElroy

Long ago, it wouldn’t occur to most people to cremate their deceased, but nowadays, people would pick it over a traditional burial any day. 

This sudden popularity of the practice of cremation has led to a rise in the demand for urns, a container that’s designed to hold the ashes after the cremation process is done. 

Urns come in different designs, sizes, and styles, and allow people to keep their loved ones close for generations to come. 

Here are some of the most common types of urns that are available on the market today. Perhaps you’ll find one that suits you and your loved one’s personal tastes. 

  • Companion Urns

Companion urns are specifically designed for couples who want to “go” together into the afterlife. 

That’s because they enable the loved ones left behind to store the ashes of both parties into the urns so that they can never be separated. 

However, companion urns have another purpose. They’re very useful at storing the ashes of obese deceased persons. 

  • Infant Urns

Infant urns are made to hold the ashes of infants and have been known to help families to cope with the loss. 

As such, these urns are made small and can be customized based on the parents’ wishes. 

  • Pet Urns

Pet urns are designed precisely to hold the ashes of a deceased pet, as the loss of a pet can be a traumatic event for a pet lover who has had their animal for a long time. 

These types of urns come in different types of materials, from glass to copper, bronze, and wood, as well as different sizes as can be seen on Memorials.com

The pet owner may even customize it with their pet’s name or put pet paws or an inspirational quote that reminds them of that animal. 

  • Religious Urns

Religious urns are designed to help send off deceased persons who had been deeply religious during their lifetime. 

These urns are usually engraved with the religious symbol of the deceased as an ode to the traditions that they gave their life to while alive. 

  • Biodegradable Urns

As the name implies, biodegradable urns are made from eco-friendly materials and they’re often utilized in water cremations and burials. 

Biodegradable urns are often made from materials like newsprint, compost, ceramic, and clay which means that they must be handmade. 

Once utilized, the urn can be discarded ceremoniously while ensuring that they’ll be able to biodegrade into the soil.

Most people prefer biodegradable water urns and tree urns in this category. 

  • Keepsake Urns

This type of urn is impossibly small which means that it can be utilized to divide the ashes among all the members of the family. 

This makes it possible for each family member to spread the ashes in a ceremony of the family’s choosing and then keep the urn as a “keepsake” afterward in memory of the deceased loved one. 


Burial traditions have come a long way and since cremation is becoming so popular, it’s only natural that the demand for urns follows suit. 

We hope you’ve found this short guide on urns informative and helpful in your journey to finding the perfect urn for your loved one. 


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