Anime History Facts Really Worth Knowing
By Laura McElroy

Anime has existed for over a century now. The first anime laid the glimpse on tv networks in 1917. But it was until the 1960’s when Osamu Tezuka created anime that got media attention. Today, there are over thousands of anime produced each with their genre. 

Anime has been so successful that it has also influenced other cultures to animate characters just like anime. A good example is the Blood of Zeus, which is a non-Japanese manga possessing anime traits. Over the course of the century since its origin, there have been many historical moments in anime. Some of these are;

Naruto’s characters are nods to the Japanese industry

When we talk about Naruto to all many millennials, for them, we are talking about the best anime in the world. And they might be right since it’s ranked among the best anime of all time on all major rankings. 

The anime known for having fillers tends to give nods to the characters in the Japanese industry. You can see it with the naming of the characters “Gamabunta” and “Fukasaki.” Both these names came from the industry actor and director of the film Yakuza. To avoid filler, you must refer to the complete list on

Death Note inspired children to write their teacher’s name

It is no secret that there are students who hate certain teachers. Students in China felt they had an odd way of expressing hate after watching Death Note. They created their version of the books and wrote the names of their teachers. 

It gave a bad reception to the Chinese Government, causing it to ban anime in the country. If you are unaware of Death Note, it is an anime that stars a young boy who peaks up a book from Shinigami. He goes around playing God by writing the names of the people that he wants them to die.

Authors of Sailor the Moon and Hunter X hunter are married

It is rare to find two people who are in the same profession married. It happens very rarely unless their actors like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In this case, it happened to the author of the Sailor Moon and the famous Hunter X Hunter. 

Their marriage took place on January 6, 1999. Did their work build their chemistry? Or was it love at first sight? All we can say that they lived happily ever after. What most Anime fans hope for is the collaboration between the two.

There is an anime character that has ten different voices

Call it a shocker, but it is true. The character Eucliwood Hellscythe has ten different voice actors. Do we know what you are thinking? It is probably the dubbed translation voices that they are talking! 

No, the necromancer has ten voice actors due to her mute character, making ten actors manage her voice in the two seasons of the anime. The furthest thing we have heard is probably Regina Hall playing the voice of Riley and Huey on boondocks. But this is a whole new level.

Everyone In the anime Code Geass Loves Pizza Because The Series Was Funded By Pizza Hut

Talk about marketing! This is a whole new level of that. The Code Geass series has strange little details that, if you aren’t observant enough, you’ll end up missing. In the anime, every Brittanian loves or eats pizza. 

It is because the series got financed by the famous pizza brand Pizza Hut. But that’s not the only thing that the anime promotes. The anime also has BIGLOBE signs since it sponsors the anime series. (BIGLOBE is a Japanese internet service provider).


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