Career Contessa’s Best Financial Advice for 2019
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Money, money, money.

We’re always thinking about it. We’re never talking about it.
In fact, most of us were taught to keep quiet when it comes to money. According to a Bustle survey, 50 percent of people said they never discuss personal finances with friends, even though 28 percent reported feeling stressed out about money every single day.
Traditionally, we aren’t fans of stress—although we do believe that there is such a thing as good stress. I.e. we wouldn’t mind you stressing about achieving your financial goals—what we don’t want, is you stressing because you don’t even have any financial goals, and what is saving money, and what even is a 401k?…Get it? We want good money stress. And really, that starts with education.


Our money mantra? Your self worth is not your net worth. It’s quality advice from our founder + CEO, Lauren—a reminder that money isn’t everything:
“This isn’t all on you. The link between salary and feelings of success may be hard-wired in you thanks to being asked to “know your worth” or “ask for your worth” in salary negotiation tips and techniques. Or the constant ability to compare what you have to strangers on the internet. Or the belief that if you had more money, you’d be happier.”
We want to encourage y’all (and us) to put an end to this thinking, language, and technique. Not only is connecting your self-worth to your net worth a losing game, it also throws a huge wrench into that whole self-acceptance thing.
So before you read about money—how to save it, how to spend it, what it even really is—know that it’s never a reflection on you as a person.

  • Your Self-Worth Is Not Your Net Worth (So Stop Thinking It Is)


Think of these like flash-cards, for adults. Start from square one—by learning what’s what when it comes to financial terms. Some of us weren’t taught this in school—but we really all should have been. Quiz yourself—how many do you know?

  • The Financial Vocabulary Every Money-Savvy Woman Needs
  • The Ultimate Glossary of Investing Terms
  • Finally, a Clear Explanation of Retirement Funds
  • Financial Freedom 101


Ah yes, the classic money question—how do we get more of it? It’s important to have an educated, research-backed ask when you’re negotiating salary. Studies show that 43 percent of workers feel they’re underpaid. In order to remedy (or avoid, by asking in the onboarding process) the uncomfortable underpaid situation, you need to know how to research your salary, and make an educated ask.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Asking for a Raise
  • The 5 Best Tools to Calculate Your Salary + Know Your Worth
  • Calculating Your Salary Is Easier Than You Think—Use This Equation
  • How to Use The Salary Project™ to Ask for a Raise
  • Why Salary Transparency Matters


That thing that we all know we should be doing, but often, just…don’t. The thing about making budgets, following budgets, and saving money, is that it’s easier than we think. It comes down to organization and self-control. Long-term versus short-term thinking.
I used to cry and think my parents were evil for making me go to soccer practice when I could be at home reading a book. Guess what? Once I got to soccer practice, I had the time of my life. Budgeting and saving are just like that. We know you might not want to do it. We know it’s daunting and takes time and ugh do you have to?? Just try. You might have the time of your life.

  • Break These 10 Bad Money Habits to Graduate From the Ramen Dinner Lifestyle Forever
  • 6 Steps to Save $1,000 This Month
  • The Sneaky Ways You’re Wasting Money (+ How to Stop)
  • I’m $16K in Debt—Here’s What Finance Experts Told Me to Do
  • 9 Ways to Take Control of Your Budget—Even If You Just Paid Rent
  • How to Set a Food Budget


Our salary tool, The Salary Project™, lets you navigate a database of over 10,000 salaries from women across the globe, to give you a personalized experience so that you can look at salary research that’s relevant to you. You can see real salaries from women working in your state, city, dream industry, current role, and more. We pull data and sort it for you—so that you can do your research in a fun way. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The Salary Project™ | New York Salary Report
  • The Salary Project™ | Healthcare Salary Report
  • The Salary Project™ | Visualizing the Wage Gap
  • The Salary Project™ | Nonprofit Salary Report
  • The Salary Project™ | Social Media Manager Salary Report
  • The Salary Project™ | What I’ve Learned While Writing The Salary Project™ Articles

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