Driving More Calls to Your Business
By Laura McElroy

Phone calls are an essential part of doing business. People phone your business because they want to talk to a live person if they want to communicate and get a problem solved or require important information. 

Every business, therefore, needs to ensure that the calling process is pleasant if they want to ensure future business. But the question is, how can a business ensure those business calls keep coming in? After all, phone calls, whether good or bad, are indicative of a business still afloat, so the secret is to know how to get those customers to call and bring in more business.

  1. Call-center scourge 

It’s no secret that call centers are a scourge. Many customers prefer to avoid a business with a call center. Customers express a lot of frustration will call centers transferring their call from one unskilled person to the next.

Often, when you do get through, you’re unable to understand what the operator is saying as they’ve often only been trained to babble off certain words like a parrot.

Customers hate the variety of automated options and believe these call centers have just been created to provide work for the unemployable. They’d prefer just one or two people trained to answer questions intelligently, accurately and pleasantly.

  1. Contact details must be easy to find 

Have a website minus clear contact details and you’ve lost a customer. Customers don’t want to go on a hide-and-seek trail to find your business telephone number on your website.  

A telephone number isn’t something to experiment with, like placing it in some obscure spot just to be different. Give a customer a minute and if they can’t find your number, they’re off your website, looking for business at your competitors.

Customers want the number to be in its regular place – at the top of your website, in the right or left-hand corner. There’s a lot of lost business for you if you’re not making it easy for people to call you.

  1. Toll-free number

Toll-free numbers are a drawcard for customers because they as seen as an effort from the business to make getting hold of them easy and convenient. They can connect with the business free of cost. No-one wants to pay when they call a helpline number. 

A toll free phone number from Kall8 is a superb choice. They are a global telecom carrier with years of experience. Their toll-free service offers a traditional 800 service with online tools to manage and track your toll-free numbers in real-time. 

The beauty of these toll-free numbers is that you can activate and forward your 800 numbers, view the calls and also analyze how your ad campaigns are doing.

  1. Landing page

Landing pages usually offer visitors to the website a form to fill in. It’s the ideal place to display a phone number in bold, large font at the top and bottom of the page.

There are different landing pages – a page on a website that’s been designed for a specific purpose such as a sales pitch. They’re designed to engage the visitor and prompt them into some kind of action, such as making a call once interest has been sparked. 

  1. Mobile optimize your website to receive calls

You have to give your customers every way to get in touch with you. With mobile, it’s imperative you recognize that it will require different tactics to what works on a desktop.

Even if you run call-only ads for mobile users, you can still optimize your site to drive more calls by having a call button on each page of your mobile site. To connect with customers on mobile devices, ads need to be relevant and informational. A strong call to action with a number for mobile visitors will encourage them to perform the exact action you want. 


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