For Business Owners: How to Protect Your Customers and Clients During COVID-19
By Laura McElroy

As much as business owners hate to admit it, enterprises and workspaces expose customers and clients to the coronavirus as much as many other high-risk exposure portals. 

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C enterprise, the sheer amount of person to person contact has made businesses and their operations a hot zone for viral spread. 

If you are a business owner, you are probably wondering how to protect your customers and clients from COVID-19 as businesses reopen across the United States. A few tactics have proven effective for many business owners and they include:

Get your employees and delivery people face masks and face shields

If yours is one of the lucky businesses that have been considered essential and worth keeping open during the pandemic, mandatory face masks and face shields for your employees are the best way to guarantee safety for customers and clients as you go along. 

Now is the time not to trust any individual, since they could be carrying and spreading the virus. Business owners can offer face masks and shields to clients and customers as they access the business’s premises. In-house employees and delivery people need to have face masks too, for all-round protection. 

Get as many face masks and shields as you need with platforms like, along with their popular customization option for logos and brand names on each mask at discounted rates. Their online shop has enough items in stock for American businesses with any number of employees across a wide range of COVID-safety and office items.

Pivot to online communication for deals and meetings

If you haven’t already, now is the time to pivot your business to online technologies for your communication needs. Whether it’s meetings with factory suppliers or town halls with your customers about product price changes, online communication alternatives like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype are the safest way to go. 

Their use has proliferated during the pandemic, a marker of how efficient and useful companies like yours have found them for communication. They come with the added advantage of being affordable and already in use, so you will protect your customers/clients and also cover your bottom line.

Enforce safe social distancing around your workplace

To protect your clients and customers, you need to make social distancing happen within the workplace too. Social distancing has been effective in residential neighborhoods during the lockdown and it is not restricted there. It can be incorporated into the workplace in a myriad of ways. 

Remote work is currently the best alternative for handling many employees to ensure social distancing at work. Limiting the number of clients and customers accessing your workplace is another effective strategy. 

Creating 6-feet markers on the ground or around the workplace makes following the regulation easier, even for new clients visiting your premises for the first time. Depending on your state or business designation, social distancing within workplaces is already an enacted regulation, too, so you have precedent to fall back on.

Maintain the door delivery option where possible

The lockdown triggered the rise of door delivery, even for businesses dealing with business clients and home-bound customers. While there are no ready statistics, it’s safe to suggest that the strategy has proven effective on many fronts. As businesses reopen, business owners can play safe by maintaining the door delivery option for business operations where it has been in use. 

Along with introducing it in other aspects of the business’s operations, this strategy makes for a formidable attempt to protect clients and customers that you can trust. Businesses should protect their bottom line by having customers pay for the delivery service to a certain degree when it is offered.


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