How to Improve Your Content
By Laura McElroy

If content is indeed king, then you as the content creator are the kingmaker – a person who carries immense power but also a lot of responsibility. It’s true – in a worldwide web that’s teeming with all kinds of content, standing out can make a difference between a booming social media presence and a dud.

Even if you used social media promotion services as you find on this website, your content will still be the thing that will attract people to your account. More importantly, it’s what will make them come back, giving you the power to use their loyalty as an influencer.

So, you need great content if you want to make the most out of your social following. Here’s where you should start when improving your content.

The Audience

Does your current audience like your content? The thing is, while it’s important that you’re happy with the content you create, it’s them that will be the final judge and jury for your content. Unfortunately, if they start leaving your profile, unfollowing, and unsubbing, they’ll also become the executioner.

So the first thing you need to do is put your finger on the pulse of your audience’s desires. Find out what they want, which trends they follow, what kinds of content they already like the most. And then find a way to do it better than your competitors.

Try to Include a Benefit

Marketers know this all too well – good content is the content that benefits the person consuming it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a video on TikTok, YouTube clips, live streams on Twitch, or Facebook posts. People will have to get something from consuming your content.

Sure, you can’t always tell them the meaning of life, which stocks to buy or sell, or which team to bet on. But you can make them laugh, which is always great. You can share some of your knowledge, especially if it’s in demand and not that common. You can teach them to do something new or solve a problem that’s been plaguing your community. You get the drift – useful content is good content.

Do More with Less

If it’s too hard for you to keep quality up while producing content at a frequent intervals, tone down the production. You don’t need to produce a piece of content every day. You shouldn’t start producing content twice a year, either, but try finding a good middle ground.

The problem here is that, if your content is sparse enough, you’ll start dropping off people’s radar. Do some measurements to find out which frequency gives you the best engagement numbers while ensuring that your content is top-notch. Remember that, no matter how much you ramp up the quality of the content, it’s still important that people see it.

Go on More Channels

When you’re sure you’re producing awesome content that your audience will find useful, there’s only one thing left to do – start publishing it on other channels, too. In some cases, the issue with your content’s performance isn’t as much the content itself as its distribution.

You have a wealth of social networks at your disposal. If you want, you can repurpose a single piece of content to match the rules of each channel specifically. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for the channel – something that people who frequent that channel would expect.


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