How to Pick the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day
By Laura McElroy

Flowers are and always have been the go-to gift for Mother’s Day. What better way to show the woman who gave you life that you appreciate her than a bouquet of fresh and vibrant blooms?

Evidently, this has meant a boom in the flower delivery business, which means that you can get her flowers delivered straight to her doorstep on time.

But, how do you know which flowers to buy for Mother’s Day? Well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you put together the most unforgettable flower arrangement for your mom.

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Your mom might already have a certain type of flower that she likes. If so, then make sure to include it in her bouquet to make the occasion that much more special.

If the flowers are out of season, it may be difficult to get ahold of them but it’s well worth the effort to create the best Mother’s Day flower arrangement possible.

Some of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers include carnations, alstroemerias, lilies, orchids, roses, and gerberas.


If your mother is into flowers already, then you’ve probably noticed that she likes to display them in a certain way.

Keep this in mind when purchasing Mother’s Day flowers to make sure that it’ll be easy for her to display them in the way that she likes.

Make sure that the colors are the perfect color to compliment your mom’s décor, especially in the area that they’re going to be displayed in.

The most important thing is to plan ahead for this gift because flowers that are chosen carefully make for a super special and thoughtful gift.


When it comes to flowers, considering the specific color is imperative. That’s because flower colors represent different types of emotions and are suitable for different occasions.

For example, pink flowers represent playful energy and they are bright yet light and they have a sense of innocence about them as well.

Red flowers represent heat, passion, and dynamic energy, while green flowers represent wellness and peace. Purple flowers come with ethereal and invigorating energy; orange flowers are fun and invigorating, while yellow is positive and cheerful.

Alternatively, you could opt for white flowers which represent freshness, new beginnings, honesty, and tradition. Most importantly, make sure that the types of flowers you pick are your mother’s favorites or at least the types of flowers that she would like.


You should also consider your mother’s personal style, whether she’s more modern or traditional. Some women prefer pastels while others like vibrant, bold, and over-the-top styles.

Whatever you do, make sure that your mom’s flowers reflect and compliment her own, unique style. Better yet, include a designer card with a personal message with the flower delivery.


You also want to ensure that the flowers you send to your mother for this special day last more than one day.

The last thing you want is to gift her with flowers that are going to wilt after a short while. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to keep flowers looking happy, bright, and fresh for longer.

If you plan on picking the flowers and putting the bouquet together yourself, then be sure to pick one with many unopened buds and opt for strong flowers that won’t wilt after a day.

If you’re ordering the flowers online, do your research on the company to make sure that it’s a reputable seller with a positive track record.


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