How to Sew Your Graduation Cap in 8 Steps
By Laura McElroy

The most exciting part of your academic journey is graduation because it marks the culmination of a very difficult and trying time.

You wear your nice outfit, your favorite fragrance and a stylish hairstyle while your family cheers you on and takes pictures.

But, the most distinguishing factor of all this “pomp and circumstance” is the graduation gown and cap.

This tradition started centuries ago and it’s an integral part of the graduation ceremony. Each institution has a certain dress code that they abide by to ensure that the students represent each faculty correctly.

If you want to make this day extra special by sewing your own cap, read on to find out how.

Cut a Piece of Cardboard

Get a piece of cardboard and cut it into an 8-inch square. This will be the top part of the cap.

Start Sewing

Now you can start sewing from the fold-out, making sure to go against the grain of your fabric. Sew about ¼ inch on each side.

Don’t sew the other side and remove any extra material with scissors. Turn the sewn fabric inside out.

Insert the Piece of Cardboard

Get the cardboard piece that you cut out earlier and place it inside the sewn fabric.

Sew together the side that’s open and then cut off any extra material that may be hanging out the side.

Get a Big Needle

Poke a hole in the middle of your newly sewn graduation cap with a needle and thread the needle in order to sew in a button right through the hole in the center.

This is where your graduation cap tassel will go but there are many other graduation cap ideas on how to decorate it further.

Cut the Board Sheet

Cut the poster board sheet into a 3 ½ inches wide and 24 inches long strip. You’ll then use it to wrap it around your head to make sure that the measurements are all right.

Cut the Fabric

Start cutting your fabric while making sure to stick to dimensions of 4 inches wide and 25 inches long.

Fold the cut-up fabric in half while making sure that the pattern side is facing inward. Sew along the edges of the poster board and then remove any extra fabric that’s left with scissors.

Insert the Board Strip

After you’ve turned the fabric inwards, put the poster board strip in and sew the open slot by hand. Remove excess fabric once again with scissors to ensure a correct fit.

Bend the Cap

Fashion the strip you cut earlier into a circle and then use straight pins to attach the ends to one another.

Sew them together with a sewing machine or by hand and then make sure the circle is positioned underneath the hat lid. Use hot-glue to attach the lid or simply sew it in place.


There are many ways to wear your graduation hat, but nothing is more fulfilling knowing that you’ve sewn it yourself.

This is a momentous occasion that you’ll never forget and you might even pass the cap onto your children. Who knows?


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