How to Stop Your Corgi from Pulling on Leash
By Laura McElroy

Corgis are typically small dogs. But don’t let this fool you as they can be pretty strong.

You see, corgis have small muscular limbs and since they are short, they also have a very low center of gravity. As a result, they can easily pull you along when they are on the leash.

For any dog owner, this can be a very unpleasant experience during walks. But as with every dog, training this behavior out of your corgi is possible and we have a few tips here below to help you out.

Teach Your Corgi While Young

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. If indeed you want to mold your corgi into your own image, then you have to start training the pooch early.

Don’t wait until the dog is fully grown before you start teaching it good leash manners. Start as soon as they are born.

Make Sure Your Pet Doesn’t Get Distracted

Any corgi owner will tell you that these lovable pooches get distracted too easily.

This is an important point to know before you consider corgi adoption. If they see other dogs in the park or something interesting along the way, they are more likely to chase after it.

This can be annoying because it means the corgi is pulling you in all sorts of directions. A key to stopping this kind of behavior is to train your dog to focus 100% on you during walks.

For example, consider calling the dog’s name more regularly as you walk. Make sure the pooch’s eyes are also fixated on you all the time.

Reinforce the Leash Positively

Dogs tend to respond very well to positive reinforcement. So, if for one day your corgi has shown good leash manners, don’t forget to reward them with a treat.

Besides, you don’t even have to do this in the park. You can train leash manners even at home using a reward system. Eventually, your pooch will get used to it.

Help with Self Control

Corgis are intelligent and independent dogs with a lot of willpower. This makes training easier. In that case, consider developing a reward system that instills virtues of self-control into your pooch.

For example, although the dog will always feel the urge to run after a bunny they see in the park, give them a treat to stay right there with you.

Over time, the dog gets used to staying around. This will then help keep it comfortably on the leash during walk time.

Don’t Let the Leash Go

It’s important for your corgi to know that they cannot pull you around. Yes, I know the pooch is strong and can be stubborn at times.

But you may want to resist the urge. So, if the corgi starts pulling, plant your feet firmly on the ground or turn and walk in the opposite direction.

Wait until the corgi stops pulling and then turn around and continue in the direction they wanted to go. This helps to keep the dog in line and eventually, it will go a long way in teaching proper leash manners.


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