Not Satisfied at Work? 5 Ways to Change That!
By Tiffany Goyette

In an ideal world, we would all be doing what we loved for a living and getting paid a decent salary for it. But the reality is, things don’t always turn out the way we envisioned them and not everyone winds up at their dream job. 

While feeling unsatisfied at work is not uncommon, it’s important to recognize that it’s just a feeling. Although certain aspects of your job situation are beyond your control, you do have full control over how you feel. 

So what’s the secret to feeling satisfied at work? Here are five ways for you to find job satisfaction in your work situation!  

Change your perspective

You always have the choice to be happy.  

Maybe you’re not on the exact career path you saw yourself going down, or it’s just that you’ve made the realization that you’re not at the right job. Whatever your current job situation, a shift in perspective can make a huge difference. The thing is – you really don’t need to wait for that promotion or raise, or even to make that major career change to feel happy.   

Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re unsatisfied at work, make the decision to be conscious of the reasons why you should be happy with the way things are going. 

Find ways to develop yourself 

It’s easy to feel unfulfilled when you’re in a less than ideal situation and you don’t see any way of getting out of it. Instead of falling into the vicious cycle of remaining in a stagnant position and feeling bummed out about it, seek ways to develop yourself in both your professional and personal life.  

Where to start? Ask your boss to give you more responsibilities. Besides a change of pace, knowing that your company trusts you to take on additional work can give you a greater sense of achievement. It also gives you the chance to develop the breadth of your skills so you may position yourself for success – whether you’ve got your eyes on a more challenging role within the organization or you’re hoping to eventually take everything that you’ve learned elsewhere.   

Figure out your purpose

What is your purpose? Your ultimate goal in life? Where do you wish to end up eventually? What can you do right now to bring yourself one step closer to achieving your goals? 

Purpose is what gives us direction. In order to move forward, you need a sense of direction. Otherwise, you just drift. This is exactly how you wind up in a position where you feel unsatisfied with how things are going because you don’t see yourself getting any closer to achieving any of your goals.  

Find the right culture fit 

As adults, the majority of our time is spent in the workplace. So it makes a lot of sense that we choose to work in a place that we actually enjoy being in. While work is a place of business, how well you get along with your work colleagues can make a huge difference in how satisfied you are with your job.   

A toxic work environment can drain your energy and intensify your feelings about not feeling satisfied at work. In the presence of toxic coworkers, it might be a good idea to find a better culture fit elsewhere.  

Reward yourself  

All work and no play is exhausting. 

The worst-case scenario? Not feeling satisfied at work and being so burnt out from it that you don’t even want to do the things you love! 

Come up with a way to reward yourself for all the hard work you put in during the workweek. It could be something as simple as spending time with your closest friends or family.

But the best way to recharge? Try spending the entire day relaxing with all your notifications turned off. Yes, no email either. 


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