Online Shopping Frauds: How to Be Safe
By Laura McElroy

For many online shoppers, a top issue is security concerns. You just have to do research and you’ll see that there are thousands of shoppers who report cases of online shopping scams. Always check the website you’re using. Did you know, for instance, that HTTPS means any information you enter into the site will be encrypted and protected?

Fraudsters resell the cards for cash

Gift cards look like credit cards, but they aren’t bound by the same industry standards when it comes to their activation and use. Fraudsters have more freedom with these cards and the fraud ranges from simple purchases made with stolen data far bigger, international organized crime.

Fraudsters use stolen credit card data for various illegal purposes. They then resell the cards for cash. When the credit card holder sees the charge, the merchant who sold the gift card is hit with a reversal or a chargeback. This is a big worry for seniors and kids as they are not much aware of cyber safety.

A good way to keep their credit card safe and avoid the data leakout, you can buy discount gift cards online. They can use them to shop online and also avail great discounts on various sites.

You’re alerted about a gift card

When you make use of Checkout Saver to visit a particular retailer, you’re being redirected with an affiliate link. When you buy something, the retailer will pay Checkout Saver a commission, and the cashback is passed on to the customers.

The cashback extension will let you know if there is a discount gift card that can be purchased and applied to checkout so as to save you money. You’re alerted about many retailers with a discount gift card available, and if there is, it can help save you money. Retailers who offer these gift cards can track each one and can flag suspect behavior for investigation.

All seems too good to be true

There are many fake e-commerce sites that promote offers that are just too ludicrous for words. They’re not just giving out ordinary discounts but they’re offering sales that are just too good to be true.

When you see ridiculous offers, then it’s a good idea to check out the contact details of the company. All businesses put their contact details on their website, which includes an email address and telephone number.

Even if there is a number, it doesn’t guarantee the number or the site is real. It can be difficult to avoid scam sites, even when you’re vigilant, but you need to learn to recognize sites that are legit and where you can shop online with confidence. If the website appears questionable, take a look at their shipping and return policies as well as their privacy policy.

Get a tracking number

If you place an order for an item, make sure you get both confirmation and tracking number. This is important if you want to monitor your package and see whether it will indeed reach you.

If you think you are a victim of online shopping fraud, the best advice would be to be in touch with your bank to avoid any additional changes to your account. You may need to change your passwords. Always make sure that you only shop with verified stores and keep your data encrypted to prevent hackers from tampering with your personal information.

Your payment method

When buying online, think carefully about how you intend paying. Credit cards have fraud protection built into them, but there are other payment methods that don’t. Don’t even think of sending cash in various forms.

Wiring money is totally out of the question because it is virtually impossible to get your money back if, for instance, there is something wrong with the product you bought. Any reputable company will never expect you to use these kinds of payment methods, and if they do, you should be on guard.


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