Peace of Mind and Inner Happiness with Chakra Meditation
By Laura McElroy

Within the human body are energy centers, known as chakras. There are actually 7 main chakras in the body and they run from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. They hold the energy that affects the human mind, body, and spirit, and you want them open and balanced to ensure a calm mind.  

Get to know the 7 chakras

To perform chakra meditation, it can be helpful knowing in the first place what chakras are. Basically, they are power points of energy on the surface of the body. Chakra meditation is about keeping the chakras in balance to enjoy mental and physical wellbeing. 

There are hundreds of different chakras in the body, but there are 7 core chakras. The first chakra is linked with physical survival, and with COVID-19, everybody wants to know more about it. 

It is also linked with security-related issues, and particularly financial prosperity. When the balance of the chakras is disturbed, a person has feelings of insecurity and fear and your survival instinct is dulled. 

Your guide to chakra meditation

Meditation is a self-help therapy that aims to achieve control over one’s mental processes. It makes use of deep relaxation techniques to bring about increased mental awareness and to also put one in touch with one’s inner energy. 

It is important to keep your chakras clear as a blocked chakra leads to one being ill. The best way to open the chakras and to correct the imbalances is through chakra meditation. Kumi offers many important information on essential oils, aromatherapy, diffuser jewelry, natural stone jewelry, and diffuser bracelets, among other natural therapies for vibrant everyday life. 

Knowing about Kumi, you can begin to benefit from good health achieved by maintaining a balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Getting to the root of blocked chakras

Meditation, regardless of what technique is used, isn’t just about sitting anywhere and having the mind directed to a single point of focus. The idea is to meditate in a quiet place so you can calm the mind by clearing it of cluttered thoughts. 

Fold your legs in front of you and sit as straight as possible with your hands resting lightly on your knees. Go through the chakras to fathom out which chakra is blocked. A blocked chakra is one that manifests as arthritis, bladder problems and even emotional problems. 

The Sacral chakra, for instance, is situated just below the belly button. Issues with this chakra are seen with problems such as lower back pain, urinary tract infections as well as feelings of self-worth. Start with the root chakra and end with the crown chakra.  

Breathe in and breathe out and imagine all your stress flowing out of the chakra. Then it is time to move on to and to concentrate on the next chakra. 

Align the Chakras

Take your time with each of the 7 chakras and give yourself sufficient time. In your visualization, see energy moving and flowing through. Try and think of the entire chakra system in action. Go through each chakra, and once you are done with all of them, visualize the whole chakra system and see energy flowing from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

Aligning the chakras means getting them all to rotate clockwise to correct the flow through your body. Then it’s simply a case of continuing to take deep breaths, to slowly open your eyes and in a calm fashion, get back to your daily life. Chakra meditation is good for reducing anxiety, anger, depression, and tension and increasing awareness, clarity, and emotional well-being.

It’s worth it when you think that a calming, soothing meditation session usually just lasts between 10 and 40 minutes and promises amazing long-term health benefits. 


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