Powerful Women All Agree That They Should Become Pet Guardians for Their Wellbeing
By Laura McElroy

Many powerful women agree that becoming guardians to pets increases their wellbeing. Science proves this fact with feelgood hormones increasing, resulting in less stress in their lives. 

Leah Fessler is a Quartz reporter who was tasked with finding out more about the relationship between powerful women and their pets. After interviewing 50 powerful women, Fessler came away with several interesting insights. 

All of these women came from different backgrounds but their answer to “What should every woman own?” was eerily similar.

Different women, different disciplines, similar results

Tarana Burke created the MeToo movement. Mary Barra heads up General Motors as their CEO. Marie Kondo is famous for the pleasures of keeping things tidy in the Netflix series. Many of the other women interviewed were Olympic athletes, television producers, scientists and economists. 

Politician Pramila Jayapal in Washington didn’t even bother to respond to the question of what every woman should own. She felt it was self-explanatory and that all women should have a pet. 

Jayapal skipped to the importance of owning a paw washer for dogs to emphasize her belief in owning items to help nurture pets. In a similar vein of thought, it is crucial to provide for urns for our pets because they are family members. As per Memorials.com, everyone provides for the death of a family member in terms of some kind of insurance or burial, so the same principles should apply to pet guardianship. 

You live longer if you’re a pet guardian

Scientific studies confirm that people who have pets also enjoy a lower risk of dying from a heart-related disease. The same research studies confirm that death from many other diseases is reduced for pet guardians. 

Even when other related risk elements such as obesity, cigarette smoking and poverty are calculated into the equation, disease for pet owners is lower than non-pet owners. 

The benefits of pet ownership are really highlighted when the results are compared to non-pet owners who live alone. In this case, a full 33% of pet owners over the 12-year period of the study were less likely to die than those who didn’t have pets. 

Swedish law requires pet guardians to register their pets. These positive results come from the research conducted on over 3 million Swedish pet owners.

Pet guardians are happier

Longevity of life for pet owners is attributed to the joy and happiness that pets bring. Oprah Winfrey can and does testify to this fact. 

She has often claimed that her dogs provide unconditional love, are always in a good mood and always happy to see her. Dogs offer comfort when their guardians are distressed, and help to boost confidence when they’re feeling down. 

Winfrey repeatedly shares stories about how loving her spaniel Sophie was, and how much she learned from this precious canine soul. Winfrey adds that this level of unconditional love is welcomed in a world that is still hostile toward powerful women.

Why powerful women need pet companionship

Women in leadership positions experience enormous stress. Dogs help to relieve the stress from environments that remain hostile to powerful women leaders. Apparently, some tech companies still live in the dark ages, informing female employees not to expect to be promoted to leadership roles. 

This fact is not a thumb suck either but is the result of studies conducted by Stanford. Women like Winfrey and other powerful female leaders understand these challenges. Strong women appreciate how much harder they need to work to make their mark on the world. 

Female leaders acknowledge that isolation and stress can be daunting at times. This is why they advocate being pet guardians as an ideal remedy to the obstacles they face as powerful women.


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