The Jobs That Need a Perfect Level of English
By Laura McElroy

The English language is the fastest growing and largely used language, with around 1.75 billion people globally adapting and using the language. Owing to its universal nature, good spoken and written English comes across as an essential factor at the work front. 

While some work profiles can be seemingly performed well without having to require good English spoken skills, some jobs, on the other hand, require the aspirants to have a strong command over the language to perform at the optimum level.

Cabin Crew

Cabin crew members, including the pilot, air hosts, and airport staff, are required to have an excellent command of the English language as they come across various guests and passengers during work. 

As these job profiles require frequent communication and with the English language being the most preferred, it is imperative that they speak well and can communicate effectively with their passengers. 

Initially, understanding the English language can be a challenge, but with help, the difference between good and average spoken skills can be determined. Visit Difference Guru to understand the simple differences in the English language and do so in the easiest manner.


Teaching as a profession requires one to have good knowledge added with communication skills that help students understand various subjects and their implications. Especially the schools that follow the English medium format for teaching require their teachers and professors to be proficient in the language. 

A teaching job requires one to teach and guide students who are oriented in different manners. The common language acts as a simple way to communicate well.

Aspiring candidates must spend enough time perfecting their language use, grammar, and oration skills to perform at the optimum best. As teaching is one profession that holds power to impart knowledge and guide young minds, it is crucial to have strong and effective communication skills. 

Travel and tourism 

A reason similar to cabin crew jobs, if you are working as a travel agent or are associated with a tourism company, then your communication makes all the difference. 

You would meet guests coming from various cities and countries and the English language is the most easily accepted language of communication. Hence, you require a fair understanding and confidence in the language to perform well in the day-to-day activities at work. 

Along with spoken skills, written communication also plays a crucial role as you would find yourself sending emails, texts to your guests and clients regularly. 

Public Relations Officers 

Public Relations is all about building a brand’s image, reputation, and persona. A Public Relations specialist’s job entails exploring and effectively implying sound communication to bring forward a clear perspective, mission, and visions of organizations. 

A PR person’s daily activities involve communicating with clients, journalists, and editors to pitch story ideas and execute strategies to enhance a brand’s reputation. Good spoken and writing skills are rather key to ensuring effective communication with stakeholders and consumers.

The job also requires creating various written communication formats like press releases, responses to media channels, and social and owned media channels. Hence, the sound knowledge and understanding of English can help determine success at work.

Social Media Manager 

Social media has taken the forefront of communications and as these platforms become famous, more users join each day. If you are a social media manager or aspire to be one, be ready to communicate in creative and unique ways to gauge user interest. 

To create catchy jingles, captions and effectively carry out brand campaigns and integrations require the preparation of fresh and unique content each day. 



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