The Near Future Report Will Give You an Investing Edge
By Laura McElroy

Financial independence and equality are imperative for women, especially for those who want to build wealth as well as meet their short-term and retirement goals. The stereotype is that women are reluctant to invest and men do most of the investing while women usually do the saving. 

The truth is that the portfolios of women who do invest usually do very well. More women entrepreneurs and those in corporate jobs are investing successfully today and they are keen on investing in tech stocks

The Near Future Report is a newsletter that has been published on a monthly basis since 2017. Writer and editor, Jeff Brown, has a great track record of showing investors how to profit from emerging tech trends. If you’re a woman interested in investing in tech stocks but you feel a little overwhelmed by all the new tech news, you could benefit from his newsletter. 

Easy-to-understand advice

Jeff Brown offers advice that’s easy to understand so the ordinary investors can generate solid profits. Can you imagine if you had invested in a company like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon or Airbnb when it was first starting out? 

Getting in on the ground level with companies that could become major players may just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make a real profit. 

A successful track record

Reading Jeff Brown reviews will reassure you that this man knows his stuff. His successful track record speaks for itself. For example, he gave his readers the opportunity to make 432% in about two months with Synthorx (THOR), a biotech company that fights cancer. 

In December last year, he closed out a position in Advanced Micro Devices for a 278% gain. We know from studies that women are more risk-conscious when it comes to investing and prefer to take advice from someone with a successful track record. 

Experience in the tech industry

For over 25 years, Jeff Brown worked as an industry executive in everything from IT networking and security to consumer electronics and automotive tech. There’s no doubt that he has his fingers on the pulse of tech developments through his years of experience in tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley. 

What do you get when you sign up?

When you sign up for the newsletter, you get access to the Near Future Report website for investment opportunities which few people know about. 

You also get the monthly newsletter with fresh investment advice at exactly the right time. 

Members receive timely email alerts giving a company name, symbol and ticker, as well as the “buy up-to price, where to set a stop-loss, and more. 

A Special Insider report on “How to make 21 times your money from the ‘Crypto Effect’” is also available to you. 

Research tells us that women are more willing than men to acknowledge what they don’t know and do research to remedy this. By studying available archived reports and back issues, you will see how often Brown was right in his predictions. This will give you confidence in his research and strategies. 

When you sign up, you also receive excellent customer support via email and phone so you don’t ever have to feel alone. 

If you get a headache when you think about Forex, you’re tired of the small gains offered by banks and you’ve had enough of looking at alternative investments like fine wines and other options that move at a snail’s pace, maybe it’s the right time for you to become involved in tech stocks and benefit from the explosive potential they offer. 


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