Uncommon Ways to Improve Your Productivity
By Sara Sheridan

What do you and the world’s most successful CEOs have in common? You’re each given 24 hours in a day. But here’s the thing – you’re probably not using that time the same way. Chances are the top executives across the globe aren’t spending a huge chunk of their weekend binging on Netflix (at least, we don’t think so).  

Improving your productivity is fairly simple when you realize that it’s not really about how much time you have, but how smart you are with it!  

Ready to make better use of your time? Here are seven uncommon ways to improve your productivity.  

Start hustling

Always busy? Good.  

The best way to improve your productivity is to speed things up a bit. Even if there’s no real reason for you to rush, form a habit out of doing everything at a faster pace! And by everything, we mean everything.  

The next time you’re brushing your teeth, tidying up your workspace, or even walking to the coffee shop, remind yourself to pick up the pace. Once you’re accustomed to being more efficient with your time and you keep up that momentum, you’ll start to notice that you have a lot more time on your hands.  

The 2-Minute Rule

You know when you just keep putting something off and you spend more time dreading it than it’d actually take to do it?  

Insert: The 2-Minute Rule.  

In other words, if something is going to take less than two minutes, do it right now.  

Get up earlier

The most productive people tend to be early risers! Set yourself up for success by waking up earlier than what you’re used to. While not pressing the snooze button can be a tough habit to break, there are many perks to getting out of bed earlier.  

For the most part, you’re taking control of your time and giving yourself a major head start. Just think about how much stuff you can get done in those early hours of the day, when there are virtually no distractions because most people are still sleeping.   

Just say no

Re-evaluate how you spend every single minute of your day. Take control over how you spend your time so you can have more of it, instead of feeling like you’re “too busy” to do anything. Learn not to spread yourself too thinly and practice saying no more often – particularly to the things that aren’t in your best interests.  

Simply put, don’t waste a second of your time on anything that doesn’t bring you any closer to your goals or help you to become the person that you want to be.    

Make time for people

Not making time for people can actually inhibit your productivity. Because spending time with the right people is a great way to recharge and to expose yourself to new ideas. You can easily experience burnout when you feel like you don’t have time for anything. 

That said, it’s important to make time for the right people. Put in the effort to see more of the people you genuinely enjoy being around. Avoid those who drain your energy! 

Track your productivity with an app

There seems to be an app for everything these days! Take advantage of all the online tools that are available to you for organizing your workload and prioritizing your tasks. Besides managing your to-do list, they can also hold you accountable for how you spend your time by keeping track of your productivity.  

Get rid of all distractions

As you would’ve guessed, the easiest way to improve your productivity is cutting out all distractions! Whether it’s turning off all notifications, putting your phone on airplane mode, or making it be known to all that you shall not be disturbed – figure out what works best for you and do whatever it takes to make it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.


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