What are some common elderly care issues?
By Laura McElroy

As humans gradually age and ascend towards elderly life, it is a known fact that they become sensitive towards many problems which they could easily cope with during their youth. They can be illnesses or just mere daily life problems. Humans at an elderly age require constant care and nursing to ensure that the last stages of their lives can be spent blissfully. There are a majority of issues faced in old age by humans, which are relatively unknown to most of us, but which can significantly impact the health and happiness of our elderly loved ones.


Older people usually experience a loss of appetite due to decreased physical activities due to which they tend to reduce their eating habits gradually. If this is ignored, an individual might become malnourished and become weaker. This might also disrupt the individual’s bodily functions as they are more in need of strength than regular healthy and young people. To deal with this problem, they must be provided with an adequate amount of nutrients, even if their eating habits are irregular.

Sudden Injuries

It is not unusual for an elderly person to lose their balance and trip or even fall heavily or even to slip while walking, as the bones are not as strong as they used to be and can sometimes refuse to hold the person’s balance. This may be due to a majority of reasons, such as some diseases or even improper nutrition. These incidents are more likely to occur in washrooms while showering or bathing or even using the toilet, as the wet surfaces are more dangerous and can easily make any one trip. This is a threat for older people who are already in a brittle condition and might not cope with such injuries. There are several bath benches and shower seats available to avoid such accidents, ensuring that showering and bathing becomes a more relaxing experience for older people, and no unfortunate injuries happen. Stay stable and not fall.

Swallowing Issues

Most of the time, older people encounter swallowing issuing that decrease their appetite automatically. These swallowing issues may be due to several reasons: loss of teeth, lesser active taste buds, etc. To deal with this problem, older people must be given softer foods that are easier to swallow, and at the same time, have all the required nutrients.


Hearing Problems


This is another common issue faced by older people. Like eyesight, the hearing ability of elderly people also fades eventually as time passes and makes it harder for them to hear mellow noises and only respond to loud sounds and expect others to talk loudly to them. To cope with this medically, there are many treatments available such as using and hearing aid. Moreover, this issue might not entirely disable the person’s hearing ability, so it is safe to say that talking loudly to an older person with hearing issues can solve this problem.


Memory Problems


Older people also have to deal with memory loss problems. Some might suffer from short-term memory loss and tend to forget small memories of the present while may have an entire recollection of the old times, i.e., Long-term memory. This is due to a decrease in the efficiency of the brain as a person ages.



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