What Can You Do to Keep Your House Free from Rodent Infection?
By Laura McElroy

Protecting your house from various rodents is more complicated than protecting it from super-smart thieves. These furry crawlers find a way to enter the house sneakily using different tactics we could never imagine. 

They spring up suddenly when we least expect them, damage our image before our guests, and sometimes chew on our costly things. Follow these tested and proven ways to minimize the risk of rodent infestation in your house.

Call the pros

Call the expert pest control service Advantage Termite and Pest control if you see a couple of tiny mice running around your attic or basement. All houses have one or two rodents, but you should start paying attention if they multiply in number and start running between your legs when you visit the basement or any less used room. 

Rodents reproduce very quickly, and the common house rat takes only around 21 days to give birth to a new litter of six or more small rodents. If you ignore driving them out with expert help, they will keep multiplying enormously in a short period. 

Keep the yard and the house clean 

Maintaining basic cleanliness is the best way to keep the rodents away from the house. A well-maintained lawn, trimmed plants, and a well-lit home without unnecessary clutter won’t breed rodents. Rodents mainly target food, and if your kitchen and trash get cleaned regularly, they will search for food elsewhere. 

Once in a while, aerate all the rooms in the house, open the windows, and let the light flow. Clean the attic and basement and do not accumulate too many unwanted things in them. Pay attention if you hear constant chewing of wood or see chipped wood or bite marks on items in your storage, basement, or attic. 

Seal up all entries 

Keep all the house entries sealed up to prevent small rodents from entering the house. They are sneaky creatures who can squeeze their massive body into tiny holes and escape in no time. 

The local exterminators and control experts will spot out the most common places the rodents will use to enter the house and help you seal them permanently. Pay extra attention to check if the rodent has made any holes near your closet or places where you store your books and files. 

Check for dug holes in the yard 

Check your garden for holes in the ground as several rodents live there or enter your premises through those holes. Close them up or get experts to set traps near the holes to catch the rodents and dispose of them somewhere far. If you have a pet, they will most likely smell out such pits and start digging further. Use traps or mouse poison near such holes to kill the rats. 

Sometimes, rats from the neighborhood might enter your yard or home if they move or do repair work. Keep all entries like doors and windows locked and shut, and try various rodent repellent sprays on your entrance and around your trash can to keep the pests away from your home. 

Destroy their hiding source 

Rodents chew like mad because their front teeth will grow too big if they don’t give it constant work. Even one single rodent can put a hole on your treasured wedding dress or chew on your memorable baby album, making it crumble into pieces. 

Remove their habitat if you locate one on the attic, in an old cardboard box, or somewhere unimaginable. Take it out, dispose of it in the trash immediately, clean the place, and put some paprika there to prevent the rodent from coming back. If you see rat droppings leading to a particular area, locate the source, drive it away, or get help from someone to drive away the rodent living there. 


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