Why Organic Face Masks Should Be Your First Choice
By Laura McElroy

Face masks have become the number one accessory the world over. Due to the need for facemasks, many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and are producing inferior quality masks.

Whether you are going to invest in single-use masks are multi-use ones, one should keep in mind that with the influx of masks, there is a new pollutant on the block. Plastic straws have been largely discontinued and many shops and establishments do not use plastic bags anymore.

However, the masks pose a new threat unless the mask is made from organic materials. Here are some of the reasons why organic masks should be your first choice when buying your next one.


Let’s face it, when it comes to masks, no one wants to have an uncomfortable experience. Organic cotton masks are some of the most comfortable masks out there and you can have your pick of style and design.

Optimally Organic has a large range of masks, including organic cotton face mask pink and other colors. What makes these masks so comfortable is the fact that they are so soft and molds to the face. The fact that these masks can be designed in any style also makes them agreat choice when it comes to personal preference of style and fit.


As mentioned earlier, single-use masks and synthetic ones are starting to have a major impact on the environment. Organic masks are made from natural materials that are biodegradable. What’s more is that they are reusable, so much less of these masks are discarded and sent to the dump.

With only a couple of masks, you can go for months on end without spending a cent on a new mask. There are many vendors who sell organic masks in sets of three already, which makes these masks much more affordable in the end as well.


When you buy a face mask that is made from an inferior material that does not breathe easily, the temptation to remove the mask is so much higher. Organic cotton is soft to the couch, but more importantly, it breaths easily while still being closely knit.

This enables the wearer to keep the mask on for longer periods of time without being tempted or becoming irritated with the mask. This in itself is worth the extra bit of money when buying masks.

DIY it

Organic cotton is one of the easiest materials to work with to make a mask. Like most of the world, up until now, not many of us were used to wearing face masks around all day. It would also be safe to assume that there has been a time where you had forgotten to pack a mask or that you ran out of disposable ones.

With a quick Google search, you will be treated to hundreds of videos and tutorials that show you how to make a quick mask from cotton when the need arises. There are even patterns that allow you to make a mask that does not require a string or an elastic that binds behind your ear.

Easy to clean

Face masks need to be cleaned regularly to remain effective. This is where organic cotton masks shine in their superiority. They can be washed with the rest of your clothing, but to get it spotless and super clean, using a bleach detergent will kill all the microbes that might be hiding in the fibers.

To be on the safe side, these masks can then also be ironed to ensure the best possible clean. It will be like putting on a new mask every time.


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