Winning Back Your Lost Customers after Reopening the Office
By Laura McElroy

Customers are among the essential factors in a business as they highly determine the amount of profit you get from the company. But, unfortunately, winning back your lost customers after reopening the office is never a bed of roses as it’s not “just open the doors and back to business-as-usual.”

This time around, it is apparent and evident that many customers will not return to your business not unless some modifications are done. Below are various ways you can win back your lost customers after reopening the office.

Communicate on the reopening across many channels

While it may seem too obvious that the customers will be aware of your reopening, communicating about it sets so many questions in their minds about the kinds of new services that you will be offering.

Proper communication channels and staff need to be deployed in your office to ensure that information covers many people. With quality cell phones and Bluetooth office headset, you will reduce background noise, and the customers can be heard clearly. will offer you reviews on Bluetooth headsets for office desk phones that will help you make a desirable choice on the suitable type for your needs. Through them, you will learn about their compatibility and stand time.

Be flexible

Most customers prefer working with businesses or firms that have flexible schedules regarding operations and the kinds of goods and services offered. Sometimes you may lose your customers due to unfavorable hours of operations depending on the type of services you are offering.

Many customers will feel disconnected significantly if you limit the time of operations in a day or be selective on the days to open your firm. So, apart from ensuring that all opening plans are set, make sure that you check on the flexibility of your time schedules.

Give customers an incentive to come back

Many lost customers would like to be given a reason to come back to your business, which can be achieved by giving them incentives. Nothing entices customers to buy goods and services like good deals.

Do not forget about the inactive customers by giving them a special discount depending on the offered products. You can also provide customers with points that they can use to do free shopping after the issues have accumulated to a certain level. Finally, ensure that you train your staff on the right ways of handling customer dissatisfaction to know the phrases to use when interacting with your customers.

Take responsibility

Sometimes during business operations, you may end up disappointing some of your customers. This may occur when the supplier lied about the ingredients, and you did not bother to check because you trusted them. Unfortunately, many businesses do not like accepting that they are to blame for offering fake products or services.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, it is always advisable to ask your customers what would make them stay. This implies that you desire to fix things that went wrong, and customers can see that you have a lot of concern for them.

Do the unexpected

Sometimes it’s good to show some level of kindness to your customers when things do not favor them. For example, driving your customers home when the weather is unfavorable, and they are stuck with peak prices or lacking means will make them remember your business or firm.

Through this favorable environment, you will get to attract your lost customers, as most will think that it wasn’t your intention if something happened to lead to the closure of your business. Even recommending good restaurants for them to have snacks or lunch will make them feel more appreciated.


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